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How To Know If You Have A Good Cooking Oil

First things First. Did you know the flash point of cooking oil refers to the temperature at which it gives off flammable vapors that can ignite when exposed to an open flame or heat source? Smoke Point is not identical to flash point but is often confused as the same thing because oils with higher smoke points tend to have higher flash points as well. Both are not healthy for the human body if the number is too low. This is why cooking with oil can be controversial. Finding the right oil can be challenging and confusing. How do you find cooking oil with a high flash point and a high smoke point? That is a great question and worth exploring.  

When cooking with oil you want to choose the healthiest option with the highest flash point. The flash point of cooking oil depends on its chemical composition, purity, refinement process, storage conditions, age, and smoke point. Oils with higher saturated fat content, lower impurities, and proper handling tend to have higher flash points, making them safer for high-temperature cooking methods like frying.  

Here are some more specifics about flashpoints.  

The tricky thing is many companies add chemicals like hexane to the extraction process and they do not disclose them on the label. The idea is that the hexane burns in an evaporation process. However, the damage is already done to the oil, and it is more common than not that the hexane does not completely evaporate. Here is more information on HEXANE. These chemicals are toxic especially as the temperature rises in the pan. So, even if the oil label says extra virgin cold pressed the likelihood of other chemicals being added in the extraction prosses is extremely high because it saves the manufacture money.  

Storage: Exposure to light, air, and heat during storage can accelerate the expiration date of cooking oil, reducing its flash point over time. Proper storage in a cool, dark place helps to maintain the oil's stability. So, you know those pretty little clear bottles with the herbs floating in them. Stay away from them for cooking because they also contribute to the next point.  


Presence of Impurities: Impurities such as water, free fatty acids, and other contaminants can lower the flash point of cooking oil by promoting the formation bacteria and of volatile compounds that ignite at lower temperatures. 


High quality olive oil does exist, but it can feel impossible to find until now. Here are some helpful tips.  

  • Is the bottle dark glass, metal, or transparent glass? 

Dark glass or metal is the correct answer. If you use a transparent glass decanter for serving that is fine or if you use it up fast. But do not buy or store your olive oil in transparent glass for extended periods of time.  


  • When you open the bottle does it have a chemical smell, or does it smell like olive? Olive is the correct answer. 


  • When you taste the olive oil does it have a smooth butter texture and taste like olives? Or is it strong bitterness, slimy, and burn the back of the throat or air way? Smooth buttery olive taste is the correct answer. 


  • Is it burning or spicy like pepper? 

Pepper is the correct answer.  


  • When you fry your vegetables and the pan is around 300 degrees, but it is smoking blue or black you have a poor-quality cooking oil and need to turn down the heat. A healthy flash/smoke point is over 400 degrees. 


  • Did you know you have the right to request a material safety data sheet on any food you consume? If the company cares about you, they will provide you with the form. 


Let's keep it simple, Select Greek Olive Oil only offers truly cold pressed oil. Hexane and other chemicals to extract oil from the olive is NOT USED. With a smoke and flash point of over 410 degrees you can be comfortable cooking with Ariston. It is superior in quality and safe for you and your family to enjoy. Experience some of the world's best olive oil here.  

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